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7 Reasons to Use Our Editing Service:

  1. Impeccable reputation: We never declare that our work has no drawbacks boldly. Sure thing, a problem might occur. It’s a rarity but we never ignore it. And we use all possible resources to provide supreme editing help
  2. Checker service since 2010: It has been more than 10 years since we have started our project. Now, our team has only the most literate and attentive essay checkers who detect flaws faster than machines.
  3. Services every student can afford: Some circumstances might create a need to get a lot of editing help. Our prices are low enough so you can afford to edit for 3 and more documents at once without spending too much money. Also, we systematically make special offers you can get after subscription!
  4. Essay editing without breaks: There are always specialists online who can react to your needs in no time. Our website never ceases working, so our workdays are every single day.
  5. College essay editing for any case: Is your case a  complex history essay? Maybe conceptual cinematography and experimental video work? Or did you write about the importance of hydration from the point of view of traditional medicine? We can work with any topic and any subject, so your issue won’t be a novelty for us.
  6. Modern data protection system: College essay editing is a service like any other. And any piece of information about it should stay protected from hackers and crackers. When you order help from an essay corrector from our team, your data will get encrypted in a perfectly secure modern database.
  7. Degreed essay editors: We hire college essay helpers who have already worked in this field. So, your essay helper can be a former professor or a professional editor with years of experience. Also, here you can meet employees from related essay companies who have advanced in editing up to concentrating solely on it.

3 Quick Steps to Order Flawless Editing Help:

Step 1: fill in the form

Choose what you want us to do and add all possible requirements in the field for comments. Please, be accurate with your order so we can fulfill it fast and without changes of plans!

Step 2: talk to your essay corrector

If there are any updates, they will notify you without mediators. You can also watch your college essay helper during the working process or leave them to work alone (depends on your desire).

Step 3: download your document

When we finish essay editing, we will instantly send it to your email box. Click on the document, download it, and you are ready to get the best estimation for your paper!

User reviews


I told them to write my college essay in two days but got it in 5 hours. I guess I was very lucky and my writer wasn’t busy. I didn’t ask for any updates and didn’t bother my essay helper. But when I got the paper, I saw that they had followed every point of my assignment. So, this service is 10/10, highly appreciated, and recommended!

Ho Pickett

Dec 22, 2021


It’s a cool thing for emergencies. It’s very easy to order here. And the assistant works fast. Also, I have to mention that there are no errors at all. Highly recommended if you need urgent help with an assignment.

Dawood Phelps

Dec 22, 2021

Cool guys

I am NOT a comment section person but now I feel like I need to post it. This essay writing service or whatever this is will be your salvation. You pay for papers, like for a ton of them, ask for everything in 3 hours, and you GET your papers right on time. You don’t have to check, you don’t have to correct, you don’t have to sweat. So, when college gives you lemons, this thing will do the best lemonade out of this all. With a professional decoration set, as if you are on holiday in the Bahamas.

Allison Delgado

Student at College
Dec 22, 2021


Amazing job! I asked for six papers and every single one helped my grades go to the stratosphere. If the service wasn’t so cheap, I wouldn’t go for it. So, thank you so much for being this helpful! And thank you for assisting me in ridiculous situations.

Mindy Wyatt

Dec 22, 2021

Very good

It works fast, the papers are clear, accurate, and literate. Yeah, you will get supreme writing-editing help in any case, and it IS affordable. But I’ve been a member for more than 1 year and got a promo code like once per month. Still, papers are ideal, so ordering here is the rightest choice

Sebastien Olsen

Dec 20, 2021

Very good but not a fairy tale

Ordering here is the right choice. You save a lot of time but the price isn’t the best I’ve seen. Well, it corresponds to the amazing quality. So, buying coursework here is an investment in your steady nerves. Maybe, some discounts could make this thing more affordable for some students who have hardships. But still, everyone gets a discount for first-time use, so it’s not that bad.

Andy Rangel

Student at University
Dec 19, 2021


I finally found a good thing to write my research papers with. For real, I can’t stand college paperwork but this website makes my college life way better. Its workers are responsible, and some of my professors could use some of that accountability tbh. So, 5/5.

Agatha Stevens

Student at College
Dec 18, 2021


There are at least 5 reasons to use this website often. #1 is when you order a lot, you get a big discount. #2 is that the writers here are very student-friendly and liable. They know what they do and how to create a good project even if it’s far too complex. #3 is that this service is affordable. #4 is its unproblematic structure, so you can easily find what you need. And the last thing, #5 is that every paper you order here is great. That’s all I have to say.

Maia Krueger

Dec 5, 2021

Wow! 5/5

This website is so polite, I can’t help but adjust to the same tone. But the politeness isn’t as significant as the quality of papers here, for me at least. I 100000% like what my helper has done for me, so I recommend this website! Thanks a lot.

Alessandro Bradshaw

High school student
Dec 1, 2021

Distinguished help

It is as it says. No overpricing, no underpricing. Adequate charges and perfect work. The result is stunning! Yet, it’s not the cheapest coursework writing service. I’ve seen cheaper but, you know, papers there were meh and I had to rewrite them. This is not the case. Keep this pace, and thank you for your hard work!

Alicja Pearson

Nov 25, 2021

Well done!

I’ve used many writing services before, but there’s no other service that would deliver such great papers at such low prices. I order my essays here all the time, and they are always well-researched and properly formatted. Thank you guys, I don’t know what I would do without you.

Lisa K.

High school student
Oct 22, 2021

You rock!

When I used this service for the first time, I chose it for its prices. I didn’t expect to get a great paper but I was wrong. They have great writers, and their papers are always original. I never had any issues with this service, it’s definitely one of the best companies out there.

James S.

Oct 22, 2021

“Who Will Check My Essay?” — The Answer Is: Professionals 

Our base of essay correctors is too vast, so it would probably take a lot of pages even on the website. But there are common features inherent in everyone who works in our essay checker service. What you might want to discover about our essay helpers is: 

  • there are 322 of them overall; 
  • 318 (98,76%) of them have worked in this company for more than 2 years; 
  • 253 (78,57%) of them are C1 in English and others are C2; 
  • 163 (50,62%) have worked in a publishing house for more than 3 years; 
  • 140 (43,48%) of them used to work in an educational institution; 
  • all of them can also detect plagiarism and help you deal with it. 

Years of work as college proofreaders and correctors online made their functioning swift and accurate. Of course, artificial intelligence can edit a paper too. Yet, it won’t suggest things that will make your paper a masterpiece. Machines are also notorious for correcting things that don’t need changes. And a professional college paper checker won’t make this mistake. 

Well, they don’t make mistakes at all. The experience made their essay editing flawless in the process automatically. So, when you order editing help from us, you are choosing to make your paper exemplary for the strictest colleges and universities. 

Our Essay Editing Help Advantages:

You are always anonymous

Like every other serious enterprise, we don’t disseminate information about our orders. If you give us a speck of data, it gets encrypted and stored in our base which will eliminate it after we send the paper to you.

Correctors are online in any event

No matter when you ask for our helping hand, we will react. There are at least 8 free editors who can commence the editing process seconds after you place an order.

Support never leaves you too

Did you encounter a problem? Is there a question you need an answer to as soon as possible? Message the support and get their attention in a couple of seconds. Some dire situations might make us a bit late but we never make our clients wait for more than 3 minutes.

Fast work of essay helpers

If you say “Check my essay in 3 hours”, be sure we can do it. Even when you need a paper check urgently, we might send it to you earlier no matter the capacity.

Originality never falls

When you order editing, we might alter your text a little bit. Still, we will run it on a licensed anti-plagiarism program. So, you are not getting a paper with a lower stat of originality in any case. On the contrary, your essay or another paper might become “newer” to any anti-plagiarism program.

Money-back guarantees

As a client, you have a list of rights our workers know by heart. Ask our support if you can’t find information about it! They will either show you where to download the document or will explain how you can get your money back if we fail to assist you.

What We Are Competent to Edit for You?

In brief, there is nothing we can’t edit. Speaking precisely, we provide accurate college essay editing. Still, essays are not our only specialization. When you google “Check my essay” and see our website, be sure that we can edit:

  • essays of any capacity, complexity, and newness, even if the topic is principally new;
  • term paper, starting with its title and ending with references;
  • coursework;
  • dissertation and its parts (one or multiple);
  • reviews and critique no matter the kind of medium;
  • application documents as letters, essays, up to documents like curriculum vitae;
  • proposal(s);
  • business documents;
  • scripts;
  • typed books;
  • websites and blogs;
  • other custom texts (specify).

Thus, we work with any kind of text material. Mostly we specialize in academic editing but texts beyond studying aren’t an issue for us either.


Why is college essay editing cheaper than writing from scratch?

When you order services like college essay editing, your assistant won’t have to do research. Of course, they won’t have to write your paper as well. What they do is attentive reading and correcting problematic components. This process is much faster than writing, so editors can do more tasks than writers in the same time frame.

How long will editing my paper take?

It depends on what you need us to proofread and correct. The minimum time for college essay editing is 3 hours. If your assignment isn’t that big, we can finish it in 1-2 hours and deliver it much earlier (even in urgent cases). But if your assignment is much more complex, it might take up to one day (for instance, if you need us to edit a dissertation urgently).

Can you check my essay right now?

Of course! As soon as you finish ordering, we start working. There are always at least 8 editors who are “on guard” and can start dealing with your problem instantly.

Can I always ask for help from one person?

Sure. You can tell our support that you want help from — for example — Anne-Marie Waters. In this case, Anne-Marie will be one of your “favorites” and the system will choose her as your essay helper. But if she is too busy and we can’t postpone her work, we will find you another perfect alternative.

Can you edit my script if it’s not for college?

Yeah! Even though we mostly work on academic papers, alternative texts aren’t an issue for our team. We work with any text material. Tell us the specifics of your concept and wait a bit for flawless refinement!

How can you prove your company is legit?

Our enterprise is official, and we prepared all pieces of information about its functioning. We’ve posted some documents you can learn!

How do I get a discount?

It depends on the situation. If you are a new member, you will get one as a welcome gift! And if you’ve used our help, you can follow our news and check your mail. Who knows, maybe your promo code is already there?