Privacy Policy

Our team is glad that you paid attention to this section of our website! We encourage every client to read this document to make the usage of our services clear.

Your privacy is one of the most significant things for our team. We want to keep you safe and also explain this important information. So, now we’ll cover following points:

  1. Why We Collect and Process Your Personal Data.
  2. Your Consent Is Predominant.
  3. What Information We Need.
  4. Your Rights as a Client.
  5. Complaints and Concerns.
  6. Children (Below 16 Y.O.).
  7. Contacting Us.

All this information is a part of our Terms of Use. If you disagree with this information and your ideas contradict it at any point, we recommend not using our website. Also, you may have any extra questions that you can’t find the answer to in any other part of our Terms of Use. If this happens, we recommend contacting our support to clarify every incomprehensible component!

Why We Collect and Process Your Personal Data

We need this information solely for lawful reasons. Every piece of data we collect is safe according to the personal data protection law.

Why do we need it? The purposes are:

We won’t process any piece of your data if you do not agree to give it to us. If you gave us permission to work with your data but then changed your mind, you can contact us anytime to get “erased”.

Our lawful interest of gathering and processing it is in:

  1. Protecting you and other customers from unlawful actions.
  2. Detecting any form of fraud.
  3. Protecting your account from leaks and breaks conducted by crackers.
  4. Providing support for you and every other client.

Your Consent Takes Priority

We can’t process and work with your personal data without your alignment. Our Terms of Use and your understanding of it must be concurrent.

There may be situations when you give us consent and then decide you do not agree with something. In this case, we ask you to contact our support immediately. After getting your request to stop processing your information, we’ll cease the processing straight away.

In case you do not agree with any point of our Privacy Policy or any other part of Terms of Use, we won’t be able to provide you with our services.

What Information We Need

We may ask you to provide the following pieces of information:

We need this information to form the contract.

Also, we may ask you to give us information about:

Sometimes we can ask what your graduation year is and what your date of birth is. We need it for legal marketing and promotion. For instance, to offer you special discounts or promo codes.

We also may ask you to provide us with your cardholder’s name in order to confirm payment. Additionally, we might need a screenshot of the successful payment.

Your Rights as a Client

You axiomatically have rights to:

  1. Access your data whenever. You can ask us to give information about you that we stored and processed. In case you need extra copies of that document, we may ask you for additional payment.
  2. Correct your information. If your information is not up-to-date, wrong, or there is another issue, you can ask us to correct it anytime.
  3. Get erased from the base. For instance, if you gave us consent and then realized you do not agree with any point(s), you can ask us to delete your information. Other cases are when you object to processing your data for marketing, or you noticed that you gave us data about children.
  4. Request canceling your data processing if there was automated action. For instance, if your device “made a decision” for you and you couldn’t prevent/stop this occurrence.
  5. Obtain a data storage device (if you gave it to us). For instance, if you pass your information on a USB flash drive or other memory device, you can get it back. Yet, note that we may store your information in our base after giving the storage device back to you.

Every case with rights is individual. We assess your request to exercise them given the circumstances.

Complaints and Concerns

If you have any complaints or concerns, you can contact our support 24/7. Maximum waiting time from support is 5 minutes.

Children (Below 16 y.o.)

Our website, its services, and its content isn’t for children. We do not accept any piece of information from people who are not at least 16 years old. If you aren’t 16 years yet, please leave our website. We ask you:

In case there is a situation when children give us their personal data, we won’t accept it and process it. In case we accept it by mistake and find out, we’ll instantly delete this data.

If you think there is data of a child (or children) on our website, we ask you to contact us immediately. If this is the real case, we’ll delete it right away.

Contacting Us

You can text, call, or reach our support in any other comfortable way every day. Our support works 24/7, so you’re welcome to ask questions about any part of our Policy anytime.